18th August 2023

BUV celebrates Experienced in Ministry Ordination milestones

Eleven Experienced in Ministry Pastors were invited to Nourish this year to be celebrated for reaching milestone ordination anniversaries.

Each May at Nourish, the BUV recognizes decade anniversaries of ordination for its Pastors from 10 years right through to, in this case, not only 50 years of ordination, but 55, 60 and one 65 years!

Rev Daniel Bullock prayed for each one of the Pastors represented on stage, congratulated them for their amazing years of service and ministry within the BUV (and in some cases beyond), and presented them with a Celebration of Ordination certificate.

Congratulations to the following Pastors for reaching these milestones:

65 Years           

  • Rev Len Lewis

60 Years             

  • Rev John Strugnell
  • Rev Clarrie Edwards

55 years             

  • Rev Dr Stuart Robinson
  • Rev Rod Bensley
  • Rev Bob Payne
  • Rev John Hicks
  • Rev Dr Ian Hawley

50 years             

  • Rev Stewart Rae
  • Rev Jim Walter
  • Rev Alan Marr
  • Rev Charles Olsen
  • Rev Ray McDonald
  •  Rev Geoff Emonson
  • Rev Charles Lazaro

40 years             

  • Rev Grant Stewart
  • Rev Mark Bailey
  • Rev Garry Lock

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