15th May 2018

BUV Equip Emerging Leaders & Mentors Online Training

Our BUV recently held our Equip Emerging Leaders & Mentors workshop training online. Using the Zoom platform on a variety of devices (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) means our ELMT participants were able to meet together online to reflect and discuss the topic of God-Centred Leadership with Kimberly Smith and Andrew Woff providing input and guiding the discussion.

Some of the key questions raised were around grappling with the difference between an effective business leader and a godly leader and the qualities of a Christian leader as compared to a regular leader. It was great to grapple with these questions together.

This was the first Online Workshop for 2018, with more to come during the year, each covering leadership/mentoring topics. Each workshop will welcome a different guest and take a different approach. Participants from all ELMT groups are invited to join these Online Workshops as part of the ELMT training opportunity.

If your church is interested to connect into our Emerging Leaders and Mentors training program, please contact Joanne Semple for more info.


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