28th March 2024

Declaring Their Love

Seven people shared their stories of faith and followed Jesus through the waters of baptism at an encouraging service at Kilsyth South Baptist Church in March.

Senior Pastor Rev Peter Nielsen said the service was a celebration of the action of God in people’s lives, and as he said on the day, “The special thing about [baptism] is the obedience to step into the water, that step of faith that these seven people this morning are making. And something special happens between God and those who are obedient. They solidify their stance of faith. They declare their love for Jesus and they’re submitting their lives afresh to Him… As we, as a community, celebrate the action of baptism, we celebrate the action of God.”

Each candidate shared how their relationship with God had grown.

One lady spoke about gradually turning her back on God through difficult life struggles including a family death, illness, divorce, homelessness and substance abuse. She said her “spirit started to give up” and there was “something missing inside”.

“Early last year I went to my uncle’s church to see him do a sermon, and something changed in me that day. Seeing my family and their joy sparked something inside of me.” Her faith grew through watching The Chosen series, reading right through the Bible, praying and meeting friends at church – “My mind and heart started to change and I could feel my spirit inside start to rejoice… As you can see, Jesus has helped me and saved my life many times, and He’s never forsaken me. So, I’ve decided today to give my life to Him and get baptised.”

Another candidate met KSBC members through the church’s coffee van, Two Sparrows. His faith grew after seeing a friend give his life to the Lord and get baptised, which prompted him to consider what part God played in his own life.

Other candidates shared about putting God first, relying on Him for strength through school studies, bullying and loneliness, and about developing a love for the God who cares for them and leads them through the toughest of times. One said: “I’m now able to look back on that terribly depressing and uncomfortable – just the worst year of my life – and realise that it was one of the best years of my life. By that I mean that what I found within my loneliness was a God who knows my every struggle and my every sin, and that Jesus will love me anyways.”

The pastors and leaders prayed with each candidate and shared Bible verses that God had laid on their hearts as they celebrated this encouraging event together.

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