11th November 2021

Feast of Stories and Sumptuous Fare

Each month, neighbours, customers, friends and family around the Kyneton Baptist Church community sit down together to share their stories over a cooked meal. Known as the Feast of Stories, the event, which began just before the COVID lockdown, connects, enlightens and delights various people from all walks of life.

“We really wanted to be a bridge in [the Kyneton area] where people can share their story through food,” says Simon Burnett, one of the founders of The Social Foundry, which runs The Feast of Stories program.

The night would typically host between 20-60 guests and a minority group is invited to come and cook a cultural meal. Afterwards, two stories are shared: one of the meal with its history and cultural significance and the other is the story of their life–who they are and where they come from.

Previous “editions” as they call it have given voice to local residents with lived experiences as refugees and migrants, and they are looking forward to giving other voices and stories a chance to be told at the next feast.

“[The night] is a beautiful way to really speak against the challenges of diversity,” Simon says. “It’s a space and a place for people to offer a new sense of belonging, welcome and acceptance, which all ties in with our wider values.”

This open space is a “social foundry of sorts” and is a great way for the community to hear stories of their neighbours and to share in a cross-cultural citizenship over a beautifully cooked meal.

“Through community, we can actually establish really exciting futures together.”

Check out some wonderful pictures of the event below.

To find out more, visit The Social Foundry.

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