8th August 2017

Horses win young hearts

Baptcare’s Family and Community Services Team in Victoria had a treat for some young clients recently, by taking them to the stables. Baptcare Practice and Development Consultant, Danielle Hill ran a four day equine therapy session for 12 children. 

“Equine therapy allows an opportunity to engage with children who otherwise might struggle to open up in conventional therapy,” Danielle said.

“It assists in building children’s awareness and their capacity for relationship, as well as to assist with understanding their emotions and thoughts.”

Danielle added she found children who had been resistant to engaging with therapists and caseworkers in the past were now enabled to do so quickly.

“We watched children make senses of their current experiences, to build relationship and trust with the horses and with us, and to process and understand emotions as they came up. It was a truly magical experience.”

Well done team! It’s always great to see the unique ways in which Baptcare staff and volunteers value and care for our customers and clients. 

Learn more about Baptcare’s integrated services for children, young people and families here

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