5th July 2021

Moments to Movements – Jesus multiplies everyday moments in Cambodia!

In the Book of John, we read of Jesus’ power in multiplying the humble and generous gift of the young boy. Just as Jesus used an everyday meal of loaves and fish to feed 5,000 people, in this story He also used an everyday moment for Layk to hear about the good news of the gospel through Andy and Cathie, two of Global Interaction’s intercultural workers in the Cambodian team.

One day Cathie wanted a coffee, and so she stopped at a coffee stall to get herself one. What seemed to be a simple transactional moment between Layk, the owner of the coffee stall, and Cathie as a customer only out for coffee (and got a really good one!), turned out to be a testimony of Jesus truly moving in the little everyday moments of life.

After one simple exchange between Cathie and Layk, a great friendship and relationship formed between Cathie and her husband Andy and Layk and his wife Thea*.

Like Jesus, Cathie and Andy started to meet with Layk and Thea in the everyday moments. Cathie and Andy ate with Layk and Thea in their home, they spent time at Layk’s coffee stall and Cathie spent time with Thea at her hair salon.

With hospitality and family being an important part of the cultural fabric of Cambodia (like in Australia!), the times Cathie and Andy spent together with Layk and Thea and their families became a treasured part of their lives.

It was an even more exciting time for Cathie and Andy when Layk and Thea came to visit them at their home one night to fellowship with one another with Layk eventually bringing his brother-in-law’s family as well to share in this time together.

There are very few Khmer followers of Jesus in Cambodia. To find one you’d have to talk to over 300 people! So, it was unlikely that Layk would have ever met someone who would share the Gospel with him.

But as he spent time with Cathie and Andy, he saw something different about them. And he asked them, “I know you follow Jesus. I want to learn more about that… I’m interested to see why you are here.”

 If God can take one stop for coffee and use it to bring Andy and Cathie into contact with many people including Layk and his family, how much more can He do with numerous other everyday moments?

Layk may not know Jesus yet, but this simple moment which turned into an incredible friendship has paved the way for Layk and his family to hear about Jesus and that is already amazing .

As Cathie and Andy continue to minister to them, please continue to pay for Layk, Thea and their family that they may truly come to know Jesus. Along with the Global Interaction team, please pray with us that this is just the start of this story and that a movement will flow out of these moments.

Your compassionate prayers and gifts help the team at Global Interaction to build relationships with people like Layk and Thea. Their ministry is possible thanks to the partnership of people like you.

*For the protection of local believers and Global Interaction’s ongoing ministry, Layk and Thea are not their real names.

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