31st October 2023

Nine Baptisms at Kew

Nine people were baptised at Kew Baptist Church on Sunday, August 24, during two exciting services.

In the morning service, Senior Pastor Mark Edwards baptised a husband and wife who had come to the church after being involved in the New Age movement.

“They rocked up at church and had never read a bible before, and a couple at the church gave them a bible,” Pastor Mark said. “Later, we discussed baptism at one of our services and told everyone that we would soon be having a baptism service, and the couple came to see me asking if they could get baptised. On the day, they had plucked up the courage to invite some family and friends and, to their joy and amazement, they came!”

Seven young adults were baptised at the night service, responding to God’s call through KBC and other avenues. The youths shared their testimonies at the service and were then baptised by Pastor Mark, Associate Pastor Lauren Pickering and Young Adults Pastor Miriam Dale.

Pastor Mark said baptism was an encouraging milestone in a Christian’s life.

“Baptism is often an experience where people have a heightened sense of God’s presence. They really take a step forward in their faith at this time and so it becomes a marker that you’re able to look back on. This is really important when things get tough, and faith and circumstances become difficult. It’s a great reminder of a moment where they heard God’s voice and stepped forward in obedience in the waters of baptism.”

He said several of the youths’ family and friends were from country Victoria or overseas, but through the church’s livestream they were still able to watch the baptisms.

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