20th April 2023

Peacefully advocating for Myanmar

Recently Pastor Peacefully Thomas, from the Karen state in Burma (Myanmar,) visited Melbourne and we were privileged to have some time with him at the BUV Support Hub. Peacefully fled from Myanmar to Thailand as a child because of the conflict there but has faithfully invested into the country despite the threat of persecution.

Peacefully became a refugee in 1989 when his family fled to the Mae La refugee camp on the border of Thailand where he grew up and studied until completing theological education. He continued studying at Payap University, Thailand where he completed a Master of Divinity.  From 2002, he has ministered to the Karen people in refugee camps, taught at bible colleges, served as a Baptist Church Pastor, Mission Director and currently is the General Secretary of Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Churches (KKBC).

He has a passion for education and 20 years ago started a school in his refugee camp which in now has 1200 students.  He now oversees 17 schools and more than 5000 students across the KKBC. More recently, he set up a Baptist Theological College on the Thai border delivering theological and leadership and Bachelor and Master’s accredited degrees.

Peacefully, like his name suggests, is a global ambassador and advocate for peace in Myanmar, representing his people at international conventions.  He is both part of the peace building process among grassroots Karen splinter groups locally and continues to work with international lawyers to approach the US government.

It was a privilege to meet Pastor Peacefully – Please pray for him and his Team as they persevere in their long-standing journey to peace in Myanmar.

Click here to watch a video with Rev Daniel Bullock and Pastor Peacefully discussing the situation in Myanmar and how we can help.


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