19th February 2019

Praying for that ‘One Day’

Often Rob and Deb will go on an early morning bike ride and devotional time. Then on weekday mornings they will meet with their language nurturers for culture and language lessons. Deb’s language nurturer is a Khmer woman of a similar age who lives in a nearby village. During lessons they will learn new words and phrases, as well as unpack cultural meaning and insight from what Rob and Deb have experienced in the community. Attending a recent Khmer wedding prompted conversations about faith, making merit and the cultural expectations of weddings in Cambodia.

As most homes and businesses do not have a refrigerator, most Khmer women visit the market daily and Deb has also begun going to the local market most days. Rob and Deb will also spend time visiting and receiving visits from neighbours, and helping their landlord’s family who have recently been unwell.

There’s no one typical day for Rob and Deb and there are many other activities that they are regularly involved in. However each day, in their interactions, conversations and activities, they are working towards the ‘one day’ where there are growing, vibrant faith communities among the Khmer. Pray with them for this day to come.

This article was first posted by Global Interactions – Feb 2019

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