2nd May 2023

Raise Your Glass

‘Raise Your Glass’ is an initiative of Donnybrook Community Church, a new church plant in the new outer north housing development of Olivine. Kathryn Jensen, Pastor of DCC explains the concept of Raise your Glass. “Challenging our western culture that likes to ‘roast’ people, we’re intentionally creating a culture that ‘toasts’ people! We believe that mission needs to start with celebrating what’s good in our neighbourhood (a ‘Genesis chapter one’ approach)!”

Once a term, Donnybrook Community Church invite their neighbours to a themed evening at Shared Cup Cafe to enjoy a meal, make new friends, and discuss topics such as ‘the importance of community post-covid’ or ‘the five love languages’. At the end of each evening, there is time set aside to toast (raise a glass) the ordinary heroes in the community who are doing great things! People like Helen who is championing sustainability and creation-care, or Anesu who supported her neighbour practically during covid-isolation. Kathryn is so impressed that without exception, the neighbours also raise a glass to the good things they see the church doing (like fostering positivity or bringing people together).

Raise Your Glass events are followed up with opportunities to keep the conversation going – socially (connect BBQ) or spiritually (join a Hope Group to explore the stories of hope in the life of Jesus). “We’ve been encouraged to see how many people are willing to engage with our faith community in spiritual conversations!”

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