14th October 2020

Sharing the Light – Better Together with Light Community & Stawell Baptist Churches


During the months of lockdown in Victoria this year, encouraging stories continue to emerge of churches partnering together in various and sometimes, unexpected ways. One such example is the relationship that has developed between Light Community Baptist Church in Ringwood East and Stawell Baptist Church in western Victoria.

Alf Jeffery from Light Community explains:
“One of the good things to come out of the COVID-19 restrictions Victorians have had to cope with over the last few months, is the inclusion and participation of Stawell Baptist Church in the livestreaming of services from Light Community. Stawell lacked the technical skills needed for livestreaming so we were able to join forces to make it happen.  Our services are on both Facebook and YouTube each Sunday morning at 9.30am. This has enabled Pastor Irene Gould from Stawell Baptist Church, who was a member of Light Community in former years, to participate in the livestreaming, including sharing in preaching to both church congregations. “

Pastor Irene Gould of Stawell Baptist adds:
“Being a small regional church, we are truly blessed by the invitation to partner with Light Community Baptist Church, to present online worship services for our congregation in Stawell. Personally, I am very grateful to LCBC for opening up their hearts and expertise to us. It is great for the Stawell folk to not only have access to personalised and relevant ministry online, but to be invited to participate as well.  It speaks volumes about ‘doing it better together’.  Sharing in these digital services with the ministry team has certainly strengthened the bonds of faith and love between the two churches.  As Alf said, it is something very good that has resulted from COVID-19!”

Partnerships and collaboration between churches has been a focus for the BUV and demonstrates that we truly are TOGETHER on Mission.

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