30th June 2023

Aged Care

Today we focus on justice and advocacy for those in aged care in Australia – our elders! More than 1 million older Australians currently receive aged care services – about 1 in 20 adults. These older Australians are supported by over 2.7 million carers, many of them family members. The aged care system itself employs over 370,000 staff across the country. This is a system that touches the lives of millions of Australians. 

One of the ways that we express our love of God is in our care and advocacy for the people who do not have a voice for themselves, who are powerless within our system. Sadly many in our aged care system are essentially powerless – lacking the physical, mental, or emotional capacity or strength to speak up for themselves. These are our elders, and they continue to deserve dignity, love, respect and care.



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Take Action

  • Take time to listen to stories of your own elders, in your personal life and in your church. Be a voice for those who are facing the challenges of aging.
  • Visit someone! Meet older people in person, or with a phone call. Write to them and show interest in their story – they will feel ‘seen’ and this can reduce their sense of isolation.
  • Finally, think about volunteering – there are wonderful opportunities to serve in aged care organisations and facilities throughout our state. You could begin with a phone call to Baptcare, who will happily put you in touch with someone you can explore options with.
  • If you want to delve further into advocacy for this topic, check out the What We’re Asking section for this theme in the Justice 2021

Useful Resources

  • Baptcare Aged Care research
    Baptcare’s research projects examine evidence-based best practice within Australia and around the world. Research findings help us to innovate to deliver outstanding quality, leading edge programs, support and care across our Aged Care services.
  • Baptist Care Aust – Aged Care
    Baptist Care Australia is the fourth-largest not-for-profit aged care provider group in the country. 
  • Baptist Care Australia position statement on Aged Care
    Baptist Care Australia believes every older Australian should have the opportunity to live well, with dignity
    and independence as part of their community and in a place of their choosing
  • Elder Rights Advocacy – https://era.asn.au/
    Elder Rights Advocacy supports older people, their families and representatives in Victoria address issues related to Commonwealth funded aged care services. Our service is free, independent and confidential.
  • NewHope Video – Pastoral Care for Older Adults – https://vimeo.com/681610752/f56fdaee74?

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