COVID-19 Church Resources

27th October 2020

In these unprecedented times, our BUV support hub is here for you. As the body of Christ, we now have an opportunity to serve, more than ever, by providing care, love and hope to others in our community.

And we can do this together by sharing the load and resources.

Our BUV staff are just a phone call away if you need any advice. You can also go to our website or follow us on social media where you’ll find the latest advice that can help you and your church during this pandemic.

We are also building a resource library on this page for you. If you have resources to share with the wider baptist family, we’d love to hear from you. Please email

Click on the links below for resources available:


COVIDSAFE Resources 

6 Principles to a COVIDSafe workplace
Baptist Insurance Creating a COVIDSafe Plan
RBC COVIDSafe Plan Example
Victoria Government Hygiene and Face Covering Stakeholder’s pack
COVIDSafe Stakeholder’s pack (includes translated resources)
Frequently Asked Questions
Coronavirus has stopped choirs – when can we sing again?
Baptist Insurance Services COVIDSafe Plan for Church Premises
3-Step Framework for a COVIDSAFE Australia
COVIDSAFE Workplace Checklist
Safework Cleaning guide
DHHS Cleaning guide


Leadership Resources

Leading Teams Through Tough Times
NCLS 5 clues to connect
A Call to Persevere – Building Pastoral Resilience in a Crisis
Leadership Questions for Now and Then
Lewis Holdway legal advice on holding church meetings during COVID-19
CMAA Covid-19 resources
20 Practical ways to be missional in COVID-19 – Blessed to be a blessing
Community Portrait – what is a community portrait and how to start on
10 tips for Leading During a Time of Crisis by Karl Faase, Olive Tree Media
Tips on how to stay safe online during the COVID-19 pandemic
3 ways to use social media missionally
Go Old School, Go New School, Go All Out
Pastorally Caring for the Vulnerable Community
Template for Lay Leaders Making Care Calls
Managing disruption caused by COVID-19
100 ideas for ministers and ministry leaders
Responding Pastorally to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Preparing for Potential Church Closure FAQs
Coronavirus and Church Planning Template
Free COVID-19 Graphics
Crossover Outreach Resources
If You Are Self-isolating, I Can Help



JobKeeper and other Finance updates
Emergency relief support for people on temporary visas
Important JobKeeper Information 5th May 2020
Join our Treasurers and Secretary Facebook Page
JobKeeper payment rules and details – A guide for churches (as at 16/4/20)
Four Ways to Simplify Your Church Finances
Church Finance Advice – Updated 7 April
Government assistance to churches during Covid-19
Baptist Financial Services COVID-19 Advice: Electronic giving, reduced rates
Saward Dawson report on all State and Federal Stimulus packages


Safe Church – Essential Requirements 

Join our Safe Church Facebook Page
Child Safe Standards
Reportable Conduct Scheme

Mandatory Reporting
– (as from 17/02/2020 includes pastors, deacons and elders)

Working With Children Check
– for all leaders and volunteers over 18

Police check
– for relevant leaders over 18

Code of Conduct

Sample Staff and Volunteer Pack
– Thanks for Wonthaggi Baptist Church for sharing this sample document. It is provided as a resource for you to create your own church’s documentation, but should not be seen as a prescriptive template. 

Sample Digital Communication Policy
– Thanks to NewHope Baptist Church for sharing this document.


Managing Mental Health

10 Tips for Coping with Infectious Diseases
Don’t give up (5 week series) by Kyle Idleman
BUV Resilience Resources – a call to persevere
The Sanctuary Course
Online well-being resources
Looking after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak
10 psychological tips for coping with infectious diseases
How to Protect Your Mental Health
HeadtoHealth COVID-19 Support

List of Community Care organisations / Counselling services within the BUV:
Crossway LifeCare
Gilead Counselling
Karinya Counselling Centres
MGA Counselling
Millpark Community Care
NewHope Medical
OneCare Geelong
Wellington Care Centre


Children and Families Resources

E-Safety Commissioner Tips for young people and their parents / carers
29 Ways to Do Ministry when Church is Cancelled
Coronavirus, children, anxiety and the church (BuildingFaith)
Explaining coronavirus to kids and the science of soap
Talking to kids about coronavirus
Lost Sheep resources
Free Easter Books for Children


Online Church

There are several ways for your church to pre-record or livestream your church service. Here are some useful resources for your reference:

Captioning Service
From Zero to Go – Essendon Baptist Church
How to make the best video of yourself when you have no gear
How to live stream your church service
Basic Live Streaming For Churches
Crossover Church Online Advice
ZOOM advice
WhatsApp advice
CCLI Church Streaming Licence
How to Launch Your Church Online Quickly
Connecting your Church during COVID-19
Online Baptist church service details


Sermon and Worship Resources

Worship resources from Sanctuary Baptist Church
Worship resources from Box Hill Baptist Church
Worship and sermon resources from Sons of Korah
Devotion and song by Andrew Naylor
Worship resources from NewHope Baptist Church
Worship resources from Crossway Baptist Church


Church at Home

Church at Home resources (Grow Ministries)
Weekly Resources for all age
StoryPath (linking lectionary to children’s literature)
Lent Engage Together (can be adapted for home/small group use)


Official Information

Important Travel Insurance Update – As at 4 August 2020
Standing by our Multicultural Communities
Department of Health Coronavirus App
Safework Victoria Information
COVID-19 and Domestic Violence
Technology-facilitated abuse Support
Australia Health Alert via Whatsapp
Physical Distancing and Other Transmission Reduction Measures
COVID-19 Self Assessment
WHO Health Alert via Whatsapp
Baptist Insurance updated advice 18 March 2020
COVID-19 Isolation Guidance (various languages)
COVID-19 Identifying The Symptoms
Australian Government Advice for Organising Public Gatherings
Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws
Australia Government Department of Health
Victoria Government Health and Human Services
Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for COVID-19


Translated Resources (Updated 30/07/2020)

DHHS Translated Resources
Available in 21 languages, our Community Ambassadors share important information about coronavirus (COVID-19)
Official Information and Resources in 60 languages
Stage 3 Metro Melb and Mitchell Shire lockdown resources in other languages
Stage 3 testing – Victorian Government translated resources
Technology-facilitated abuse Support in various languages
COVID-19 Official Information in various languages
Managing Disruption Caused by COVID-19
Latest news and information in 63 languages
COVID-19 Translated FAQ
COVID-19 Translated Resources
COVID-19 Isolation Guidance (various languages)
BUV 预防冠状病毒(COVID-19) 建议
BUV COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Kongah BUV Thawngthanh
BUV COVID-19 advice – Hakka Chin



Ten ways of reduce your risk of Coronavirus
Social Distancing
Cover your Cough and sneeze



Keep Your Home Clean
Flatten the curve
Prevention Strategy
Social Distancing Checklist
Infectious Rate