28th October 2021

COVID-19 Church Resources

You do not need to record the vaccination status of attendees to your church service – you only need to view it and confirm the proof so they can enter your church premises. 

The quickest and easiest way to check vaccination status is via the Service Victoria app when patrons check-in using the Victorian Government QR code. However, there are other ways that you can check the vaccination status, if they don’t have access to a smart device or are under 16 years of age.

  • COVID-19 digital certificate using the Service Victoria app 
  • COVID-19 digital certificate in a smart phone wallet 
  • Printed copy of COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement 
  • Australian Immunisation Register certificate 
  • Medical certificate or a letter from an authorised medical practitioner. 

Guide-Proof-of-vaccination-status (3)

Please refer to the governement website for FAQ regarding checking vaccination status.

How to get your Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate


How to add your COVID-19 Digital Certificate to the Service Victoria App Before you start, make sure that you have installed the latest version of the Service Victoria app via App store or Google Play store. To add your COVID-19 digital certificate to the Service Victoria app, click on one of the methods below. The easiest way is through the Express Plus Medicare App.

Please note that there has been a rise in scams relating to COVID-19 vaccinations (including linking the digital certificate) that may attempt to gain your personal information and lead to financial loss. Click here for useful information on how to avoid scam and to protect your personal information.

Click here to see our Vaccination Certificate FAQ and troubleshooting


People who are considered fully vaccinated

You are considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 for the purposes of attending a venue if:

  • you have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, or
  • you have a valid medical exemption to COVID-19 vaccination issued by an authorised medical practitioner, or
  • you are aged under 16.

If you can show evidence of any of the above, you can enter a venue as if you are fully vaccinated. 

Summary of Vaccination status applicable to children and youth

Under 12 months old: Babies under 12 months old are not eligible to be vaccinated and are not counted towards any density quotient or cap on attendees.

1-11 years old: Children under 12 years old are not eligible to be vaccinated. They are not required to show vaccination status. They should be counted towards the cap of vaccinated people. 

12-15 years old: Children 12 years old and above are eligible to be vaccinated. They are not required to show vaccination status. They should be counted towards the cap of vaccinated people. 

16 years old and above: Teenagers 16 years old and above are eligible to be vaccinated. They are required to show vaccination status. They should be counted according to their actual vaccination status, just like adults. 




Baptist Insurance Services: Advice for churches hiring their building to a third party

For any third party hiring your building, it is important to obtain a copy of the their Public Liability Certificate of Currency to ensure they have cover. Should there be a COVID-19 outbreak due to the hiring party’s negligence, the hiring party could be sued by the person/s who contract the virus. It also provides an additional protection layer for the church.

Baptist Insurance Services highly recommend that the church obtains a copy of the hiring party’s COVID-19 Safe plan. This would include the protocols/processes they will have in place to mitigate the spread and contraction of the virus. If they don’t have a plan, then they recommend you don’t allow them to hire your hall. In addition to a COVID-19 Safe Plan, it is recommended that the church obtains assurance from the hiring party in writing that they will adhere to relevant State Government regulations around those who are vaccinated/unvaccinated attending their activity/event.

It is also the church’s responsibility to ensure they activate their COVID-19 Safe Plan to prepare the hall for any hirers and then deep clean after they leave their premises. We do have information on this on our website: https://www.baptistinsurance.com.au/Baptist-Insurance-News – COVID Safe Plan for Church Premises

Essentially the church’s Public Liability insurer would look to provide cover if someone sues the church, as long as the church is doing all it is required to do to mitigate any risk of person/s contracting COVID-19 as well as adhering to all relevant  government regulations.

QR Code Translated Posters

VIC GOV Free QR Code Service

Best Practice Tips for Reopening

Industry Restart Guidelines

Free Infection Control Training
Free, short, accredited training is available to help staff identify and manage the ongoing risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the workplace. Free infection control training will help businesses prepare to safely reopen and ensure their customers and workforce are protected.

6 Principles to a COVIDSafe workplace
You must regularly review your COVIDSafe Plan to ensure it is up to date and aligns with the latest advice. You don’t need to rewrite your COVIDSafe Plan in the revised template, however you should review your current plan against the updated guidelines and ensure it covers off the requirements under the six COVIDSafe Principles

Baptist Insurance Creating a COVIDSafe Plan

RBC COVIDSafe Plan Example

Vic Gov COVIDSafe Plan

Vic Gov COVIDSafe Plan in other Languages

Workplace Checklist

Information on Face Masks

Information on Cleaning and Disinfection

Information on Density Quotient

Signs, Posters and Templates 

Record Keeping Requirements

Preparing your Church for Coronavirus

Checklist for Church Members Returning to In-Person Services

Should I attend worship services at my Church

10 considerations for running socially-distanced events

Join our Safe Church Facebook Page
Child Safe Standards
Reportable Conduct Scheme

Mandatory Reporting
– (as from 17/02/2020 includes pastors, deacons and elders)

Working With Children Check
– for all leaders and volunteers over 18

Police check
– for relevant leaders over 18

Code of Conduct

Sample Staff and Volunteer Pack
– Thanks for Wonthaggi Baptist Church for sharing this sample document. It is provided as a resource for you to create your own church’s documentation, but should not be seen as a prescriptive template. 

Sample Digital Communication Policy
– Thanks to NewHope Baptist Church for sharing this document.

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