1st June 2023

Family Violence

Today we are exploring justice for those experiencing domestic and family violence or abuse.

Family and domestic violence is a major health and welfare issue in our community, predominantly affecting women and children.  Unfortunately, it is a statistical reality that in our churches and faith communities there will definitely be victims and likely be abusers. Let’s take action to make our churches safer spaces, build relationally healthy communities and model the biblical principles for respectful relationships.  


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Download Family Violence Devotion

Take Action

  • Create safe environments for those looking for refuge and support.
  • Work together to promote attitudes and actions that create healthy relational practice and experience while challenging beliefs and behaviours that produce unhealthy relational culture.
  • Access tools to educate ourselves and make us more mindful of the power of our words and actions. See resources below
  • Australian Baptist Ministries are in the final stages of producing a resource called the “Safer Spaces Tool Kit” It includes a trauma-informed preaching lens to assist you in understanding how your communication may be interpreted by someone who is or has been a victim of abuse and by someone who is or has been a perpetrator of abuse. It provides practical tips and advice around our engagement with scripture and points for reflection on the language we choose and the opportunities we have to shape healthy relational culture. It also includes videos from experts on a range of topics related to domestic abuse and relationships. Check back here for link soon

Useful Resources

Prayer for Domestic Violence Prevention Month – for use in Children’s Ministries
Prayer for Domestic Violence Prevention Month – Use in entirety or split into smaller prayers
Safer Spaces Toolkit
Local resource and organisation for help and support (Catholic).
Small Group Bible study with video resource
Australian Government Respect Campaign
Australian Government Respect
Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
Ted Talk – Violence against women – it’s a men’s issue
STATS: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare: Family, domestic and sexual violence
STATS: Mission Australia: Domestic and family violence statistics

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