1st June 2023


Homelessness & Housing need are big social issues that sometimes seem too hard or even impossible to solve.  Many people are not “roofless’ and on the street but are still classed as homeless – maybe staying with friends until the welcome wears out, living with family violence because there’s nowhere else to go, living in a substandard rooming house or overcrowded crisis accommodation.  Homelessness can happen to anyone and when it does, it has such a cost -health, education, relationships and employment all suffer without safe, secure, affordable housing. Let’s join together to take action against homelessness in our communities.


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Take Action

  • Get to know people you may see homeless – say hi, have a chat, offer a coffee, hear their story, even just make eye contact & smile rather than looking at your phone & hurrying by
  • Contact your local Member of Parliament & ask what they & their party are doing to address the issue. This is one problem that does need to have money thrown at it – there simply isn’t enough affordable housing & government at every level has an important role in getting more built
  • Ask yourselves “What are we doing as a church to address this issue” for eg:
    – Westgate Baptist Church – cook a community meal every week, not a “soup kitchen” but a place where anyone in the community can join with church members, enjoy a meal & get to know each other.
    – Other churches have been involved with Winter Shelter which is a great initiative to support those sleeping rough in your community  
  • Be aware of Hidden Homelessness – there may be people in your church whose housing is vulnerable
  • Find out who the local housing and support agencies are in your local area so you can offer practical advice to someone who

Useful Resources

Baptcare Affordable Housing Annual Reports
Homelessness – what the data shows us
Baptcare Houses of Hope Information Sheet
Maroondah Churches Winter Shelter
Stable one
Baptist Care Australia - Everybody’s Home Target Seats campaign
Article re Youth Homelessness
Support Madride

Additional Reading




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