9th December 2021

10,000 Reasons to Sing Together

As we approached our 2021 October Members Gathering with Covid restrictions tighter than ever, it was clear we were not going to be able to meet together in person. This, of course, meant that one of the fundamentals of these Gatherings, singing together, was not going to be possible. 

An idea emerged from the BUV Support Hub about assembling a videoed song, featuring some voices from various BUV churches. With very limited time and awareness that it would require already busy people to record both vocal and video, we approached a variety of churches across the Union including  to see whether there was interest. The response was both immediate and enthusiastic. 

Fortunately, our BUV Support Hub Partnership Development Pastor, Andrew Naylor, has a background in Music and Creative directing and was able to facilitate all the recording and editing. 

Whilst there was a single reason not to meet, there were thousands of reasons to work hard together to achieve what is an inspiring and rewarding result. The end result is a beautiful representation of our diverse union in song. 

You can download the video here for use in your churches (CCLI approved). 

We can come from different demographic and geographic backgrounds, different language groups, and even have some differences in theology, but what separates us need not divide us. It is still possible to sing together for the One God who has given everything so that we can walk through whatever challenges we face, together with Him and with each other. 



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