4th August 2021

Croydon Hills Baptist Church celebrates 35 years

In June, Croydon Hills Baptist Church celebrated its’ 35th anniversary. It was a wonderful testimony to the risky faith of the initial church plant and the culture that they built into the DNA of the church.

Senior Pastor Andrew Harris says:

“We remembered with the help of previous pastors Rev Neville Taylor and Rev Gerry Riviere of the ways that God has worked in the life of this church community, the difference it has made and the ongoing commitment to make a difference in Maroondah and beyond. The church grew from an initial group of 20-40 people to over 1000 members today!

We remembered the provision of God in the building of the church facility and the miraculous and generous gifts that were part of the story. We committed to continue to support the wider Baptist community as we plant church communities in Victoria.

We remembered the early days of our Karen refugee community, the joy of that journey and our commitment to grow as one church with two languages.

We remember, but we do not stay in the past. We push forward, committed to our mission of making followers of Jesus.”

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