3rd August 2021

God in the Midst

In the challenges of life and ministry in a pandemic, Phil, a Global Interaction Intercultural Worker in South Asia, shares how God is present and opening doors:

“The worst day of the pandemic here so far, was 12 July with 13,700 new cases representing 30% of tests. The daily number of deaths are also as high as they have been, with suggestions the real figures of both infections and deaths are much higher. One positive is that the government has managed to obtain more vaccine supplies and restart the vaccine program that was suspended a few months ago. 

It seems an improvement in the infection numbers will be heavily dependent on a restart of the lockdown. But lockdowns are having huge impacts on the poor, especially in urban and industrial areas. With no access to social security it’s a real challenge for many to purchase necessities. The Government is struggling to balance economic needs and public health. 
In the midst of all these challenges, there are some positives. My team mate Morris has been running a weekly Bible study group with some local colleagues via zoom. Each Sunday a collection of staff connect in and explore God’s Word together. Another study is run for a group of women on a Tuesday lead by another team member. 
In the last couple of weeks the leaders of the these groups have both noted increased enthusiasm and participation in the studies which has been very encouraging. As you have probably experienced, studies and meetings via zoom have a different dynamic to those face-to-face and so the success of these is encouraging. This weekly contact has really only become part of the approach since the pandemic started. While in-person visits are the ideal, God is using this regular online contact and it’s exciting to see.” 

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