12th October 2021

Going above and beyond

Prior to the regional lockdown in Victoria, Senior Pastor of Torquay Christian Fellowship (TCF), Rev Danny McDowell was hand-delivering packages containing a hard copy of the weekly message, the church weekly newsletter and pre-packaged Communion elements to those in the fellowship who were unable to participate in the Sunday gatherings online because of significant technology issues.   

While this was very much appreciated – and allowed Pastor Danny to hold conversations with members and to give some level of Pastoral Care – it just wasn’t the same as being able to gather on a Sunday.  
When the restrictions finally eased in Regional Victoria, allowing 20 people to gather in-person, Pastor Danny personally sent invitations to the TCF community to join the worship service, and everyone was grateful and overjoyed for the opportunity to fellowship with each other again. 

Despite the current restrictions that have forced them back to holding remote services, Pastor Danny encourages the wider body of Baptist churches to always remember those who are unable to simply “click on a link”.  

“There are simple ways – while still working within the guidelines – to include those who at times just might fall through the cracks,” he says. “And you never know, [going above and beyond for them] might just make their day!” 

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