12th October 2021

Justice and Advocacy Week Reflections

Many Baptist churches all across Victoria joined together to celebrate Justice and Advocacy Week on 6-12 September 2021. 

Here are some reflections from those who had participated: 

Ivanhoe Baptist Church: 

I received an email from the community rep at our Livingstone Community Centre (LCC) Committee of Management with some encouraging reflections on our foodbank. He’s not a [Christian] believer but he is very supportive of LCC. He concluded his email with the following: 

‘I think we are providing a badly needed service that is supporting a pretty disadvantaged group of people within our area. Great work folks.’ 

It reminded me again that even though [we’re collectively feeling] the disorientation that the virus and lockdowns have brought, we would be much better off if we worked together for each other’s good, especially with our neighbours. 

[Because of this encouragement and conviction], I reworked our church service to launch us into the week of Justice and Advocacy. I incorporated the material [provided by the BUV] into our daily prayer letters that I sent out and we visited each of the themes every week. 

As part of our church’s 110th anniversary, I also encouraged people to make some kind of offering—not monetary, but rather a commitment of a gift that they will use intentionally this month to bless and encourage others/their neighbours. It could be anything, art, music, phone calls, craft, cooking, prayer, etc.” 

 Belgrave Baptist Church:

Senior pastor Tim Dyer headed up the week along with individual members from the congregation. Each week, pastor Tim loaded up the videos and the devotions on their social pages and participating members would share their reflections on their personal Facebook pages and/or with each other using the church’s messenger chat. 

“The resources were really easy to use and follow,” says pastor Tim.  

East Doncaster Baptist Church 

Rev Deborah Storie curated three resources that she shared with her congregation through a mail out. 

“They were fabulous devotions—grounded, theologically reflective and beautifully written.” 

Southern Cross Community Church: 

“I just want to thank you for all your hard work in this difficult and complex time,” says senior pastor Sally Agostino.  “I also wanted to let you know that [we are] doing a justice and advocacy month, taking a topic each week and having congregation members put together a video which reflects their heart and suggestions for action. It’s been really significant work and again, many thanks to the BUV for putting together a thoughtful project aimed at tackling the injustices we see in our world. “

Other Churches:

Other churches who participated by sharing the BUV resources on their social media included Rosanna Baptist Church, Traralgon Baptist Church, Mooroolbark Baptist Church and Armadale Baptist Church. 

Further encouragements:

“Thank you for the word of encouragement we all need right now.” – Nicky Ulia 

“[The series] challenges us, not to do the impossible to empower the churches to address this issue. I came away energised and encouraged to take feasible action.” – John Sampson


We’re encouraged by all these amazing Baptist churches who have shared and participated and we hope that more of you can join us again. 

If you participated in Justice and Advocacy Week,  click here to let us know you have participated and / or to provide feedback. 

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