29th January 2019

Karen Baptists from around Australia gather at Werribee Baptist Church

Every year since 2002, Karen Baptists from around Australia have gathered after Christmas for an annual camp. Each year a campsite has been rented and Karen have flown – or made a long drive – from all over the continent to get there. But as the community has grown larger finding campsites large enough has become increasingly difficult – and expensive.

This year more than 800 Karen gathered in Werribee for the annual gathering. Worship, bible studies and workshops were held at Werribee Baptist Church. Several thousand Karen live in Werribee, and visitors from outside Melbourne were billeted with local Karen families.

Holding the gathering at Werribee Baptist Church and placing visitors with local families dramatically reduced the cost and removed the now almost impossible challenge of finding a campsite.

The gathering started on Boxing Day with music and performances by congregations in Melbourne, and a video presentation by Werribee Karen Baptist Church pastor Rev Gail Moe. The theme of the gathering was ‘fight the good fight’. (1 Timothy 6:12).

It was a wonderful time of daily worship, bible studies and hearing from keynote speakers.

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