1st April 2021

Largest Graduating Class in Whitley’s history

Story submitted by Whitley College


Congratulations to the largest graduating class in Whitley College’s history! 72 students graduated on Friday, March 19th.

At the University of Divinity’s graduation ceremony, Whitley celebrated the 34 Undergraduates, 38 Postgraduates and one Doctor of Philosophy who graduated, along with the many students from other theological colleges our students have journeyed with along the way.
Completing an award is a huge achievement and we are proud of the dedication and resilience shown by each and every Whitley graduate.
Behind every award lies countless hours of classes, study, research, writing, collaboration and deep theological reflection. In acknowledging our graduates, we celebrate not just their achievements, but also the way in which their studies have contributed to their intentional, considered theological formation. We are proud both of the awards they have achieved and the people they have become through the process of attaining them.
The 72 awards achieved include:

  • 1 Undergraduate Certificate in Divinity
  • 25 Diploma in Theology
  • 8 Bachelor of Theology 
  • 5 Graduate Certificate in Divinity
  • 3 Graduate Certificate in Theology
  • 5 Graduate Diploma in Divinity
  • 1 Graduate Diploma in Pastoral Care
  • 5 Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Direction
  • 1 Graduate Diploma in Theology
  • 5 Master of Divinity
  • 1 Master of Pastoral Care
  • 4 Master of Spiritual Direction
  • 2 Master of Theological Studies
  • 5 Master of Theology (Coursework) 
  • 1 Doctor of Philosophy


We warmly congratulate the holders of each of these awards and thank them for the valuable contribution they have made to life at Whitley College. 

A few pictures from graduation are our Facebook page.

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