12th October 2021

Mosaic – the first gathering

Many of us have had plans thwarted by the restrictions of lockdown over the last 18 months especially if those plans required in-person gatherings. However, for Ivanhoe, Regent, Rosanna and West Preston Baptist churches, we decided to not to let the restrictions stop us. Instead, we put our faith in God and used Zoom to facilitate a couple of events to start building personal relationships that were necessary across our congregations so that we could start exploring opportunities for us to work, encourage and share resources together in our unique ministries and contexts.

On the 29 August we held our first combined service online. We worshipped together, heard stories of each church’s ministry activities, prayed and shared communion together and ended up in breakout rooms afterwards to continue our fellowship with each other.   

While some experienced the struggle of slow internet and drop-outs, the majority the service went better than expected. Afterwards, we distributed DVDs of the service to those who were unable to join us. 

Prior to our first combined service, the church pastors and leadership teams had joined together to converse and share in the vision and mission that God has placed in our hearts. And through this, Mosaic, was formed. 

We each reflected on our local community contexts, mission, and ministries and despite the differences in our strengths and limitations, our giftedness and struggles, we brought bring our uniqueness together for the purposes of the greater body of Christ and His Kingdom. 

This group exists: 

  • to find ways where challenges can be overcome and where we can share our strengths and giftedness 
  • to encourage and affirm our mission and ministries 
  • to enhance the spiritual vitality of our communities 
  • to assist our churches to individually and corporately thrive  

We will do this by: 

  • worshipping together 
  • building relationships between our congregations 
  • seeking opportunities to work together on common issues and challenges 
  • working collaboratively rather than overlapping or competing on ministry opportunities 

Our vision is to see our individual churches flourish, impacting our local communities with the message and presence of God’ Kingdom. 

We are planning our next combined service to be held at the end of October, then a combined retreat day early in the new year. We’re already looking forward to new opportunities that God has in store. 

There may be COVID restrictions in place, but nothing is impossible for God.


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