2nd September 2021

Noah Lee and Jung In Kim’s Commissioning Service

Noah Lee and Jung In Kim who were members of the Melbourne Bangjoo Church celebrated their commissioning service at Mill Park Baptist church surrounded by family, friends and the multi-ethnic members from Mill Park Baptist Church, Bangjoo Church and City Baptist Church. 

Noah, a BUV ordination candidate has a vision and calling to outreach to Korean migrants in the northern metropolitan area. He says this: 

“In 2020, we, along with the rest of the world, were overwhelmed by the interference of the pandemic to the day-to-day workings of our church services and ministries. I personally witnessed how things went down with my own ministry and I did my best to adapt to the situation. Amidst it all, God placed a vision in my heart to plant a new Korean church, and even if it didn’t seem feasible at the time given the situation, we still knocked on the door of Mill Park Baptist Church in anticipation of God’s work—and God did not disappoint! 

When we began our service, no new people came for about a month. But even through my nerves, God gave us the heart to wait for Him to work. As we continued to pray in earnest and complete faith of God’s plans, little by little, Koreans who haven’t heard of the gospel began to trickle in and I’m able to preach the gospel to them and build a church like that in the New Testament.” 

Along with Noah, Jung In faithfully participated, ministered and served God at the Melbourne Bangjoo Church before stepping out and following God’s prompting to serve at Mill Park Baptist Church.  

Pastor Min Huh says this about the two: 

그런 의미에서, Noah JungIn 충성과 인내는, 

이들을 알고 있는 많은 사람들로 하여금 이들의 사역이 얼만큼 기대되게 하는지 알게 주는 좋은 성품이라고 생각되어 집니다 

From this view,  

Noah and Jung In have these qualities of loyalty, patience and service.  

Many people /who know them know this/ and have high expectations that  

God will work powerfully through them.  

Despite the challenges that have come their way, Noah and Jung In continues to respond to God’s call at Mill Park Baptist Church with a passion and faithfulness in serving the Lord. They started from zero and now they’re about 15 people—and growing! 

The BUV is in full support of these opportunities for multicultural partnership. With 100 LOTE churches in the BUV speaking Languages other than English, it’s a great encouragement and also a challenge for churches from differing communities, cultures and ethnic backgrounds, to continue to grow together in service of the Lord.

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