3rd August 2021

One coffee at a time

Moving to Aintree two and a half years ago to manage Aintree Garden and Café, Lee and Norm Palumbo, BUV volunteer placemakers, have been part of the Aintree Café and Garden social enterprise community café since its grand opening in February 2020. 

With “making the world a better place, both locally and globally” in mind, the selfless, and humble and generous couple have embraced the pivoting of modern business by managing a coffee roastery as a way “to continue to support impoverished communities”. 

Working alongside Jono Ingram and the not-for-profit We Love Aintree organisation, Norm and Lee continue to promote and resource neighbourliness and resourceful change by being part of the fairtrade movement. 

 “Business should be about community first,” Norm says. 

 The couple, who are passionate about creating belonging within communities, continue to make great strides in their local community and they encourage everyone to seek the joy that can be found in “making great choices about the things we buy” even if it’s something as common as “one coffee at a time”. 

To read more of their story, check out Humans of Woodlea here. 

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