6th March 2019

The Lost Sheep and Lost Coin – A Lent Teaching from Dr Kate Harrison Brennan

This Lent, Common Grace and Bible Society Australia invite us to rediscover Jesus’s profound teachings veiled in everyday stories. As we come together, we’re praying for ears to hear these teachings of Jesus afresh, to let them get past our defences and under our skin, as they transform us to make things right in this world.

The Lost Sheep & Lost Coin- A Lent Teaching from Dr Kate Harrison Brennan

Dr Kate Harrison Brennan launches our Lent series exploring the Parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin that demonstrate God’s relentless pursuit of each of His children. This video is part of Common Grace’s 2019 Lent Series exploring the Parables of Jesus and their subversive nature that call us to seek justice, with mercy and humility.

What difference does one lost coin really make? 

Why would anyone go to great effort to find one small coin when you already have plenty? Why would anyone make a sacrifice to find one insignificant thing that doesn’t seem worth the expense?

In today’s video teaching, Dr Kate Harrison Brennan, CEO of Anglican Deaconess Ministries, reflects on the peculiar concepts in the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin. In these parables Jesus tells two stories which simply don’t seem to make any sense. In each story the central character goes to great lengths to search for something which most people would not think possible to find, or frankly, even worth the effort.

As we come face to face with the cost paid to give us life, we are challenged to live out the same love for the lost and the marginalised: truly respecting their inherent worth and dignity as people who have been found against all odds. Just like us.

This series has been produced by Common Grace and Bible Society Australia.

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