5th May 2020

Together on mission in the outer east despite restrictions

One example of a “better together” story is happening in the outer east of Melbourne with Kilsyth South, Wandin and Ferntree Gully Baptist churches. Pre- COVID-19, the pastors of each of these churches would meet regularly and on occasion, Kilsyth South provides preaching and musician support to Wandin.

When the social distancing measures came in so quickly late March, Kilsyth South was fortunate in being able to create an online platform soon after the restrictions were announced. The other two churches were not in the same position at that time, and so Peter Nielsen, Senior Pastor of Kilsyth South invited both churches to join them online.

In addition to these churches connecting with Kilsyth South, Peter is aware of others connecting to their online services from around the world. He shares this encouraging story:

“We had a Japanese young lady come to faith late last year after befriending one of our church regulars.  He brought her to church, she asked to see me and gave her life to Jesus.  Her fears about going back to Japan and to a Buddhist family were very real, so before she left in early February, she was baptized in a small service at the church where we were able to pray for her and commit her to Jesus.  She went back to Japan, and less than a month later we were live streaming – she has logged on each week to watch and worship with us and each week she sends a photo of her watching the service and letting us know how she is going in her faith!  God has blessed her immensely – and we are being blessed through her and her faith that has gone back to her homeland!” 

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