28th May 2018

Light Community Baptist Church Community Engagement

Light Community Baptist Church recently received a BUV Community Engagement grant to help boost their presence in the neighbourhood.  They were able to use the resources to purchase a gazebo, face painting supplies, a banner, a large chess set, and a jumping castle.

“Across the road from the church there is a monthly community market.  As a church we wanted to have a presence at the market but didn’t want to sell anything.  Each month we host a stall and have a table promoting our regular church activities (playgroup, youth group, coffee club).  We also have a banner advertising our church service time. “

The church is building a loving profile in the community and it offers a great example for our other churches who might be looking for community engagement opportunities:

“At the market we wanted to be a blessing to the community and engage in conversations with families and individuals so we decided to provide free activities for kids.   While the kids are getting their face painted or catching ducks or playing chess we get an opportunity to chat with their parents.  It is also been a conversation starter with adults.  We are still experimenting on what works best, we have tried several different games/activities but realise that face painting is a real winner.  We also believe that the jumping castle will be a great talking point.”

Being present at the market also helps church members engage with local mission in a meaningful way:

“Our church community is getting behind the venture and we have a constant stream of volunteers wanting to support our presence at the market.”

For more information about Light Community Baptist Church, see their website.  If you are interested in exploring mission and engagement opportunities for your church community, please contact Geoff Maddock from the Mission Catalyst Team at the BUV.  Geoff can also help with Community Engagement Grant enquiries –  geoff.maddock@buv.com.au

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