14th March 2024

Pastors roll up their sleeves to support the community

A few years ago, Graeme Semple, the BUV’s Regional Pastor for the West, was visiting and connecting with the Community of the Transfiguration, (CT), the Baptist monastery in Teesdale, about 30 km west of Geelong. The Community had previously been in Breakwater, Geelong and were now building a village on about 24 acres of land at Teesdale. Already they had completed some of the residences, a welcome centre, the Oratory, the workshop, much of the gardens and their cemetery. They were now looking at working on the Community Centre. Graeme suggested that it would be great to get others involved in this process.

The members of the Community began working on it, but things came to a halt after COVID, and the members were weary so in mid-2023, they reached out to Graeme to arrange some work parties to come and assist with the build. Over the next six months Graeme arranged for four work parties to go out to the Community and invest by helping in the construction of the build. Most of those involved were pastors of local Geelong and Ballarat Churches, along with some young people from the churches and the wife of one of the pastors.

The focus of the build centred on completing the external cladding, painting, insulation and putting the gyprock or plasterboard up in the rooms of the Community Centre.

Together these teams worked with the members of the Community which instilled in them a great confidence and anticipation that the Community Centre would finally be completed. Friendships were deepened and the teams experienced the wonderful hospitality that the Community is known for – food, friendship, gifts, and encouragement. Overall, it was a great investment of teamwork showing that we truly are together on mission. And we give thanks to our God for His grace, joined with our effort, that together we move forward into the future.

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