23rd June 2022

Sharing stories together – Transfiguration Community of Werribee Karen & Croydon Hills Karen

As part of National Refugee Week (Sunday, 19 June to Saturday, 25 June), we will share some inspiring stories from our refugee communities here in Victoria. In this story, when two communities come together, something wonderful always happens.

This is very true for the Holy Transfiguration Monastery and the Karen and Vietnamese communities that are beginning to discover each other in deeper and more mutually supportive ways.

Their encounters are full of sharing stories, sharing food, sharing prayer, sharing needs, sharing difficulties and feeling the same kind of pressures from an unsympathetic Australian culture. For this monastery, it is a great gift to be with people who understand the theological and practical aspects of Christian community.

Pastor Gail Moe and the people of the Werribee Karen Baptist Church together with Pastor Khoi Doan and the community at Earthen Vessels Vietnamese Baptist Church (Box Hill), and Pastor Soe Khaing of Cloverdale Karen Baptist Church have all been spiritually enlightening, helping everyone to find better ways of processing their own communal challenges and difficulties. The courage and faith of these brothers and sisters are helping each other to face their own fears and weaknesses and their own struggles with each other with much more humility and hope.

And all of this is done with lots of fun and laughter together too!


Blessed be God, Who is enriching our Community’s life through these pain­bearing, hope and love makers.
The Monastery House of Prayer’s Community of the Transfiguration

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