6th July 2021

A powerhouse woman of God

With a heart of true service for the Lord, Rev Robyn is an incredible role model for the greater Baptist community, but even more so, she is a role model for all women called by God to serve in pastoral ministry.  

“My understanding used to be that to be a pastor, you were supposed to have special skills to teach, to be charismatic, [and that you’re] not supposed to be funny, and so on,” Rev Robyn says, “But then God showed me that He can use me for caring and being there for others [even if] I’m still improving with my preaching.”

This divine inspiration from God was Robyn’s driving force in her service and ministry with God, leading her to a position where she now shepherds two congregations simultaneously (she serves at Bentleigh & Korean Baptist Church and Auburn Baptist Church) while also juggling the roles of single mother to four daughters and a businesswoman. 

Rev Robyn is a living example of God moving in people by simply being present. While serving at a community outreach program at the Auburn Hub (an initiative of the AuburnLife church in response to the needs of students and others who come to Australia), Rev Robyn says that the relationships she’s formed with those she serves has paved a way for God to be seen through her own life. 

“’When I’m around Robyn, I feel God’s presence,’” Robyn recalls the two ladies remarking to her while she was helping them cook. Robyn knows that this is God’s love at its fullest and she continues to be in awe of how God truly works in those who are willing and obedient. 

Despite the cultural challenges of being a woman pastor, Rev Robyn continues to faithfully seek God in her pastoral ministry, and because of such, God has enabled her to have a great impact over the two faith communities that she serves.

Robyn holding a Bible Study discussion group at the AuburnHub

“As you continually faithfully serve God and people, you gradually gain their trust,” she says. “You’re not trying to earn that trust as fast as you can… over time, God will lead you and those you are in relationship with to have trust between you and others in church.” 

Under Rev Robyn’s leadership, the Bentleigh and Korean Baptist Church English congregation has now grown from its initial thirteen members to over forty members (and growing!)—a wonderful flourishing of the church at a time when it seemed like the English service would potentially phase out. 

At AuburnLife church, Rev Robyn continues to serve in pastoral ministry, sharing the Sunday message during their afternoon service and taking part in AuburnHub’s community outreach services including holding the English classes and Bible reading and discussion groups. 

Through the incredible testimony of faith and service for the Lord in her life, Rev Robyn continues to be a witness of Jesus to the people that she serves. She is a powerhouse woman of God who meets the challenges of the world head on knowing that with God’s anointing and appointment in her life, there is nothing that He cannot do through her as she loves people and helps the church and His kingdom to flourish. 

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