22nd January 2019

‘Preaching on Mission’

The Baptist Union of Victoria has a vision to establish 100 new Communities of Faith within the next 5 years. We understand that this is an impossible task only achieved through the partnership of the Holy Spirit and our existing churches.

We greatly value the Kingdom aspirations of our local churches and where God has placed them in their neighbourhood. Equally, at our BUV Office, we are passionate to encourage, support and cultivate a missional posture within our churches. Our Mission Catalyst Team comprises pastors, church planters and entrepreneurs who are available to preach on mission and to share some of their experiences. We also have consultants and resources to assist you, either to establish a culture of mission within your church, engage your community or indeed establish new Communities of Faith.

If you would like someone from our team to preach at your church in order to encourage mission amongst your congregation or to consult with you regarding community engagement, please contact Lisa Isaacs, Mission Catalyst Team Administrator (lisa.isaacs@buv.com.au).

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